what's on the table

the closet session

I come to your house and go through your closet! We gab about your feelings and I tell you how hot and badass you are! I confirm your suspicions about what might not be working with your clothes and I tell you what you already know about hanging onto stuff that isn't serving you. We make new outfits together and literally play dress up. It’s kinda the best.


A closet session helps me understand you and your unique style - what bores you, what inspires you, what you like and where the hard limits are. It gives me insight into your wildness, where you are sharp and commanding, and the kinds of things that make you feel soft and effortless. When we shop for new stuff I know where to hold space for you and where to encourage and support you in stretching your edges.


During a closet session, you will learn about coordinating outfits in terms of colour, texture, fit, and print.  You’ll see your clothes (and yourself) in a new light, and get excited about pieces you’ve forgotten, and the new ones waiting for you.

2 hrs / $100-$200

the shopping session

Shopping sessions are for those who are ready to flip the script.  This service is perfect for you if you’re going through a work, age, or body transition such as gender changes, pregnancy, weight loss/gain, new job, or just generally not wanting to look like a teenager but not knowing where to start.  It’s also great if you are VERY NOT INTO SHOPPING.


We’ll go out and I’ll do all the heavy lifting that makes shopping overwhelming and exhausting.  I’ll get a rolling rack and make my way through the store, gathering pieces for you to try.  Once we’re in our private change room, we’ll make our way through the small shop I’ve created for you, trying different pieces together, coordinating outfits, and experimenting!  I’ll go back and forth and grab sizes and other things while you relax and breathe.  No salespeople breathing down your neck, no fitting room lineups, and no pulled muscles from fumbling with hangers and garments.  We’ll drink water and eat trail mix!  It's a riot.

*Note that thrifting is totally an option for the vintage hunters or those on a tighter budget.

You’ll leave with a new wardrobe in tow, and you’ll feel the expansive openness of possibility that comes when we invest in ourselves and ask playful questions about “who we are” and “who we could be”.


Up to 4hr trip / $200-$300


$50/hr for additional time

the online shopping session

This service is designed with plus size fat babes in mind.  If you have trouble finding stores that carry your size (which is the sad common reality), but online shopping makes your head spin - this is the consultation for you!  As a 3/4xl babe myself, I do 100% of my own shopping online and I have done a ton of trial and error.  It's been a harrowing journey but I regularly have successful online hauls and I have figured out a few work-arounds that make return policies, size charts, and size 14 models quiver in fear.  Let me share my skills with you!

Through ongoing conversation and collaboration, I'll get to the bottom of what your needs and challenges are and teach you how to navigate the world of online shopping.  I'll narrow down the options, support you through the stress, validate your frustrations, and get you excited for your new garments.  Once your items arrive, we'll play dress up and decide what stays and what goes, and I'll help you through the returns process if necessary.

Trust me.  You want this.  You're ready.



photo styling / direction

This bespoke service is for the performers,  models,  influencers, writers, and gig economy boss babes out there who need a little assistance gathering looks and creating a vision for a shoot.  How you market yourself can make or break your career these days, and it’s a relief to be able to generate ideas with another person.  


This service is customizable and can include any or all of the following:


  • A pinterest board compiled by me or created collaboratively between the two of us

  • A closet session to make looks from pieces you already have

  • A shopping session to fill in the gaps

  • Hair and/or make-up on the day of the shoot

  • Photo direction during the shoot


$50-$100 / hr

make-up tutorials

Oh make-up.  Is there anything more fraught?  It’s hard to know where to start and with Instagram and You-Tube loaded with tutorials, knowing what kind of looks are right for you can be...a lot.  Some of us have spent our lives resisting make-up, or feeling totally overwhelmed by it, or lusting after that perfect highlighted cheekbone.  But it honestly just feels good to know what you’re doing.


With this service, we’ll go to Sephora and get you the basics that you need and then I’ll teach you application skills, tips and tricks.


You’ll feel like you can face the day with a bit of oomph, or roll into that first date looking like a real sizzler.


$50-$100 / hr

Please note that I offer a sliding scale for my services!  If you're not sure what amount is approrpriate for you, take a minute to read through this helpful guide compiled by money wellness badass, Hadassah Damien at Ride Free Fearless Money.