who is Ashley

I’m Ashley Aron and, yes, I am a Libra.  I’m a personal style coach, performing artist, and creative femme sorceress.  I’m fat, I’m queer, and I’m a real piece o’ work.  


I’ve been a personal stylist for 10 years.  It started with dressing my little brother up in my mom’s clothes, then a few Cher Horowitz-esque shopping trips and makeovers for my friends and partners in my 20’s.  Before I knew it, I’d turned my childhood obsession with playing dress-up into a set of professional skills and services that I could offer my community at an accessible rate.


 Transformation is exciting, but it’s also vulnerable and scary as hell.  Shopping can be awful, especially for those of us who know the trauma of living in a marginalized body. Sometimes we just need someone to be our dance mom, or our side-eyeing bff, or the eyes of that cutie on the street that just...sees us.

My work as a stylist, much like my artistic practice, is rooted in the principles of experimentation, collaboration, and delight.  I work with my clients to push the edges that are ready to stretch, to muck around in the places where we don’t know the answers and where new versions of themselves are just peeking around the corner. 

"I look at personal style as

a form of creative magic

that can offer

unprecedented healing. 


Self-expression is beautiful alchemy

and we are all sorcerers."